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Avoiding Substance Abuse and Improving Mental Health in Seniors By: Pat McGraw

Substance abuse in seniors is a much more common problem than one might think. It can go untreated if loved ones don’t take the warning signs seriously and take action. Read More
Disclaimer:  For informational purposes only.  The information on this website or links to other pages do not constitute a substitution for direct services with a professional.  Syreeta Scudder-Early is a LCDC, BCBT, CART.  She is licensed in the State of Texas as a LCDC with additional qualifications listed on the about us page.  Syreeta blogs to share insights which should be used as general information only.  Any specific assistance should occur face to face with this or another counselor or other professional of your choice to address your specific issues and needs.  Guest bloggers are welcome and in such, their posts are showcased for informational purposes as well.  Additional posts can be found here.
Don't let someone else's imperfections become your insecurities....

Within any relationship there is bound to be some discord from time to time, but do you let another person's imperfections become your insecurities? Read More
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Affects Everyone in the Family 
Our Nation's #1 health concern is substance abuse. In addition to epidemics such as opiates, methamphetamine, and prescription pills, alcoholism remains an issue that plagues many families. As such, alcoholism knows no race, gender, moral, religious, or socioeconomic lines. It can affect any of us and can quickly creep in to the many facets of one's life. Read More
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