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          MBHC Launches Rose Buds Program

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The Rose Buds Program, a non-profit effort of MBHC, is a music, movement, and counseling program designed to assist children ages 2 months to 7 years old and their parent(s) who are struggling with addiction or in recovery.  Through Rose Buds children will participate in a 12 week program ($250 regular cost per family) to include music and movement with parents. The program incorporates music to effect bonding, teach parenting skills, while exposing children to melody, beats, and movement. In addition, the parent(s) will also benefit from individual counseling to aid in their recovery.  Your donation will go to fund a scholarship for families who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.  If you are interested in Rose Buds or know of someone else that would benefit from the program, please contact us via the contact page or scheduler, or give us a call.  Help us help more- because everyone deserves a chance at a brighter future.  THANK YOU!!